Small but widely dispersed vineyards

AOC Bugey is situated in the south of the department of Ain, between the Jura to the north and the Savoy to the east. It sits on the mountainous part of Ain in the south and sweeps up towards the north east, covering a modest 470 hectares.

AOC Bugey wines can be produced in 68 of the villages in Ain grouped into three distinct zones.

1) The hills around Cerdon stretching as far as Bourg-en-Bresse (gateway to Bugey and the Revermont)
2) The slopes along the right bank of the Rhone from Izieu to Vaux-en-Bugey via Montagnieu.
3) The hillsides around Belley (from Valromey to Belley)


Bugey is notable for its contrasting relief and countryside of great beauty. And it reserves many delightful surprises for visitors….

Its beautiful green landscapes are interspersed with lakes, waterfalls, castles, and picturesque, often high-perched, villages. Pretty stone-built houses, washhouses, fountains, typical winegrowers’ huts and drystone walls are all in total harmony with nature. Here, the air is pure, and the skies are luminous.


We can’t help our enthusiasm bubbling over… because in Bugey, we’re in sparkling form. Over 60% of the wines we make are sparkling.

There’s the famous Bugey Cerdon, made using the ancestral method. Unique in the world, you need to see it, and drink it, to believe it. Deep raspberry pink, bursting with fruit, softly sweet, but incredibly light, Bugey Cerdon is made from a blend of two grapes, Gamay and Poulsard, each one with its own specific role to play. Gamay brings gaiety and fruitiness, with mouth-watering aromas of red berries, whilst Poulsard offers structure and a touch of spice, with sometimes a little zing of crystalized orange zest.

This dynamic duo seeks to do nothing less than revolutionize your palate. Its surprising colour, its fabulous fruitiness, its abundant bubbles, its low alcohol and its originality are just some of the good reasons for adopting Bugey Cerdon.

Bugey Bruts, made by the traditional method, which resembles the method used in Champagne, have different profiles depending on the winemaker and the blend. You can find 100% Chardonnays, but also wines that are creamier thanks to the use of Pinot Noir.

So each winemaker has his own vision of the style of wine that he wishes to create. The sparkling wines of Montagnieu, exclusively white, benefit from a geographical indication for their specificity: great finesse and aromas of hazelnut or grilled almond.

Our still wines are also worth getting to know better. Made from Chardonnay, Pinot, Gamay… and also our native grape varieties Altesse and Mondeuse.

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