17 / 20 OCTOBRE 2019

Tout le vignoble en fête avec plus de temps forts !
Bientôt ce sera la fête dans tout le Vignoble du Bugey ! Réservez dès à présent votre week-end, nous le rendrons fascinant…
Visitez, découvrez, humez, dégustez et laissez-vous fasciner par cet événement oeno-touristique !

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Notre vignoble, le bugey


Landscapes, strong traditions and superb terroir.

Bugey is notable for its contrasting relief and countryside of great beauty. And it reserves many delightful surprises for visitors….

Its beautiful green landscapes are interspersed with lakes, waterfalls, castles, and picturesque, often high-perched, villages. Pretty stone-built houses, washhouses, fountains, typical winegrowers’ huts and drystone walls are all in total harmony with nature. Here, the air is pure, and the skies are luminous.

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The Bugey appellation embraces all the red, white and rosé wines produced in this region. They include:

Two white wines: Bugey Blanc made from Chardonnay (the main grape variety, with a minimum of 50%) and secondary varieties such as Aligoté, Altesse, Jacquère, Pinot Gris and Mondeuse Blanche. Roussette du Bugey is made exclusively from the Altesse grape.
Three red wines made as single varietals (there is no blending of varieties in the red wines): Bugey Gamay, Bugey Pinot Noir and Bugey Mondeuse.
Rosé wines made from Gamay and/or Pinot Noir (the two main grape varieties which together or separately must represent a minimum of 50 %) plus Mondeuse, Pinot Gris and Poulsard (as secondary varieties).


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